As a business owner of an enterprise-level organization, you are probably wondering how to grow and expand your business operations even more. For many business owners, the solution comes in the form of an enterprise-level eCommerce platform. These platforms are here to help users build and manage modern eCommerce website/online stores in an easy way. In many cases, you won’t need (permanent) help from professional web developers and designers to take care of your site. Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise is the most common comparison that users are looking for when they are interested in using an eCommerce platform of this kind.

Shopify Plus: What to expect?

Shopify Plus is a well-established (launched in 2014) eCommerce platform for enterprise users. This is a cloud platform that comes equipped with mixed code control – full frontend and partial backend control. For many experts, this is one of the most efficient modern cloud ecosystems.

If scalability is your main concern because you expect your company to grow fast in the near future, then you don’t have to worry if you select Shopify Plus because this platform supports scalability and it doesn’t require any activity on your side. Shopify Plus also has a huge app store where users can find many interesting apps that support their site’s flexibility. There are also custom apps that can be used in specific situations. Shopify Plus provides smooth integration with popular online marketplaces and social media sites. All in all, this is a platform that’s easy to use and simple to manage.

Magento Enterprise: What to expect?

Magento started as an open-source platform, but the enterprise-level version (Magento Enterprise) has a closed source which can still be controlled. The Enterprise version of Magento was revealed in 2008 which makes this platform much older than Shopify Plus. This is one of the main reasons why Magento Enterprise still has more users.

Just like in the case of Shopify Plus, users can find many extensions, but the fact is that Magento has more built-in features than Shopify Plus. In addition, we should mention that Magento Enterprise represents a conventional software license business model. On the other hand, Shopify Plus is a platform business.

If we take all these things into account, we can conclude that the majority of enterprise-level businesses today would find Shopify Plus to be an ideal solution for their business operations.